POMEPS Conversations: Joel S. Migdal (S. 3, Ep. 5)

#40 — October 21, 2014. The George Washington University’s Marc Lynch, director of the Project on Middle East Political Science, speaks with Joel S. Migdal, the Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies in the University of Washington’s Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Migdal is the author of Boundaries and Belonging: States and Societies in the Struggle to Shape Identities and Local Practices (2004), The Palestinian People: A History (2003), Through the Lens of Israel: Explorations in State and Society (2001), and several other works. Lynch and Migdal discuss governance, the Arab Uprisings, U.S. foreign policy, and his recent release Shifting Sands: The United States in the Middle East (2014).

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