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POMEPS Studies 34

Shifting Global Politics and the Middle East

Conversations: Salafi Jihadism

Shiraz Maher speaks with Marc Lynch about his new book, Salafi-Jihadism: The History of an Idea.

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The Project on Middle East Political Science, POMEPS, is a collaborative network designed to enhance the broader Middle East’s political science field and its engagement with the broader academic discipline, public policy, and the public sphere. POMEPS seeks to shape innovative new approaches to the political science of the region, support the field’s publication in [...]

“This probable populist wave and possible attempt to refuse election results could alienate popular support for democracy,” writes @t_kahlaoui on tomorrow’s Tunisian presidential election.

Read his analysis in the @monkeycageblog

My take on the election في موقع "الواشنطن بوست" حول الانتخابات... حول #زلزال_الاحد https://t.co/kNTtUEIuCM

My surveys show what #Israelis actually think of #Netanyahu's #annexation plans. Spoiler: he knows his audience. Spoiler 2: if it involves all of West Bank & #Palestinian civil rights, they don't want it. @TCFdotorg @Mitvim https://t.co/xd5ijZ4wWx

I just wrote a piece for @monkeycageblog about @hbo's new series "Our Boys", and the way it relates to my research with amazing coauthors @yonatanlupu @miodownik and twitterless Evgeny Finkel and Neal Tzur.


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