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Environmental Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

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The Project on Middle East Political Science, POMEPS, is a collaborative network designed to enhance the broader Middle East’s political science field and its engagement with the broader academic discipline, public policy, and the public sphere. POMEPS seeks to shape innovative new approaches to the political science of the region, support the field’s publication in [...]

On our last episode of this season, @abuaardvark chats w/ José Ciro Martínez about his book, States of Subsistence: The Politics of Bread in Contemporary Jordan. Also, a conversation with Jessica Barnes about the politics of bread in Egypt! Listen here:

On this week's podcast: @abuaardvark chats w/ Megan Brown about her book The Seventh Member State: Algeria, France, and the European Community. Also: short segments w/ Sami Atallah & Christiana Parreira on Lebanon & Cinzia Bianco on the UAE https://pomeps.org/seventh-member-state-lebanese-elections-succession-of-mohamed-bin-zayed-s-11-ep-32

Read Khaoula Bengezi's piece, New Constructions of Environmental Orientalism: Climate Change Mitigation Solar Power Projects in the Sahara Desert in POMEPS Studies 46: Environmental Politics in the MENA! https://pomeps.org/new-constructions-of-environmental-orientalism-climate-change-mitigation-solar-power-projects-in-the-sahara-desert

Murat Arsel & Fikret Adaman discuss Environmentalism without Environmentalists? Climate Change and the State in Turkey in POMEPS Studies 46: Environmental Politics in the MENA! https://pomeps.org/environmentalism-without-environmentalists-climate-change-and-the-state-in-turkey

Don't miss Lauren Baker's piece, The Sanitization of Garbage Politics: A Case for Studying Waste at the Local, State, and International Politics in the MENA, in POMEPS Studies 46: Environmental Politics in the MENA! https://pomeps.org/the-sanitization-of-garbage-politics-a-case-for-studying-waste-at-the-local-state-and-international-politics-in-the-mena

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