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POMEPS Studies 44

Racial Formations in Africa
and the Middle East:
A Transregional Approach

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The Project on Middle East Political Science, POMEPS, is a collaborative network designed to enhance the broader Middle East’s political science field and its engagement with the broader academic discipline, public policy, and the public sphere. POMEPS seeks to shape innovative new approaches to the political science of the region, support the field’s publication in [...]

Read Bayan Abubakr's piece "The Contradictions of Afro-Arab Solidarity(ies): The Aswan High Dam and the Erasure of the Global Black Experience" in POMEPS Studies 44! https://pomeps.org/the-contradictions-of-afro-arab-solidarityies-the-aswan-high-dam-and-the-erasure-of-the-global-black-experience

Check out Zeyad el Nabolsy's piece "Helmi Sharawy’s Critique of Racial and Colonial Paradigms in Egyptian African Studies" in POMEPS Studies 44! https://pomeps.org/helmi-sharawys-critique-of-racial-and-colonial-paradigms-in-egyptian-african-studies

George Bajalia's paper draws on long-term ethnographic research in order to query the ways in which difference and belonging, and their markers, shift over time as migrants and immigrants “wait” in Tangier, Morocco. Check it out in POMEPS Studies 44! https://pomeps.org/waiting-and-working-shared-difference-and-labors-of-belonging-in-immigrant-tangier

Read Afifa Ltifi's piece "Disarticulating blackness or the semantics of (anti)blackness in Tunisia" in POMEPS Studies 44! https://pomeps.org/disarticulating-blackness-or-the-semantics-of-antiblackness-in-tunisia

Paul Silverstein discusses "The Racial Politics of the Amazigh Revival in North Africa and Beyond" in his piece in POMEPS Studies 44! Check it out here: https://pomeps.org/the-racial-politics-of-the-amazigh-revival-in-north-africa-and-beyond

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