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MENA's Frozen Conflicts

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Spring 2021

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The Project on Middle East Political Science, POMEPS, is a collaborative network designed to enhance the broader Middle East’s political science field and its engagement with the broader academic discipline, public policy, and the public sphere. POMEPS seeks to shape innovative new approaches to the political science of the region, support the field’s publication in [...]

The POMEPS Summer 2021 Virtual Research Workshop Series is coming soon! Our Summer Series is open to scholars in political science or cognate disciplines of all career ranks. The deadline to apply is February 1st! More info available here --> https://pomeps.org/announcing-pomeps-virtual-research-workshop-summer-2021-series

Less than one month to apply for the POMEPS 12th Annual Conference to be held virtually on June 9-10, 2021! The deadline to apply is February 15th, 2021. More information on how to apply is available here -->

Less than 2 months to apply for the POMEPS Junior Scholar Book Development Workshop to be held at Yale University on November 12-13, 2021! The deadline to apply is March 1st, 2021. More information on how to apply is available here --> https://pomeps.org/call-for-proposals-junior-scholar-book-development-workshop-2021

Last year, Wolfram Lacher talked about his new book, Libya’s Fragmentation: Structure and Process in Violent Conflict, with Marc Lynch on the POMEPS Middle East Podcast. If you missed it back then, be sure to check it out now! https://pomeps.org/libyas-fragmentation-a-conversation-with-wolfram-lacher

In this week's podcast, @abuaardvark chats w/
Alex Thurston of the University of Cincinnati about his latest book, Jihadists of North Africa and the Sahel: Local Politics and Rebel Groups. Also: short segments with Michael Robbins and Christiana Parreira

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