Week in Review: Rethinking Islam, ideology and the state

The Jāmeh Mosque of Yazd Iran
This week on the Monkey Cage, POMEPS released additional pieces from our workshop on  Islam and International Order held in partnership with the Transatlantic Academy in which:

Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar of Texas A&M University describes how to interpret Iran’s Islamic rhetoric;

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd of Northwestern University details how international relations got religion and got it wrong; and

Daniel Philpott of the University of Notre Dame questions if Muslim countries really are unreceptive to religious freedom.

Also on the Monkey Cage this week:

Lawrence Rubin of Georgia Institute of Technology engages the debate on IS and illustrates why the Islamic State won’t become a normal state;

Stephen W. Day of Rollins College explains the complicated reasons why Yemen’s peace talks failed; and

Adam Lichtenheld of University of California, Berkeley tackles  how to really help the world’s new refugees.


POMEPS is still accepting proposals for Winter 2015 POMEPS TRE (Travel – Research – Engagement) grants. Political scientists at all stages of their careers are welcome to apply for funding up to $3,000 for travel to the Middle East in support of ongoing research. Complete applications are due by September 15, 2015.

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