Week in Review: New Symposium

This week on Monkey Cage POMEPS launched the “Islam and International Order” symposium in collaboration with the Transatlantic Academy. The first two essays look at the Islamic State and more will follow next week.

Reyko Huang of Texas A&M University looks at the Islamic State as an ordinary insurgency.

Barak Mendelsohn of Haverford College the jihadi threat to international order.

Also on the Monkey Cage:

Silvana Toska of Cornell University asks, Has Saudi Arabia already won its Yemen war?

The problem with fragmented insurgencies: Kristin M. Bakke of University College of London, Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham of the University of Maryland, and Lee J. M. Seymour of the university of Amsterdam present evidence from the growing body of conflict literature.

Abdulwahab Alkebsi seeks the answer to: can there be good Middle Eastern state-owned enterprises? 

Monica Duffy Toft of the University of Oxford and Yuri Zhukov of the University of Michigan offer new data on why Islamist insurgents are so difficult to coerce.

Why Tunisians (don’t) vote for women: new survey evidence from Lindsay Benstead of Portland State University, Ellen Lust of Yale University, and Amaney Jamal of Princeton University.

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