Week(s) in Review: Turkey and other must-reads

pablo-10First, we have analysis from many different angles on the situation post-coup in Turkey in the Monkey Cage:

Turkey’s coup attempt was unusual, but not for the reasons you might expect, by Curtis Bell and Jonathan Powell
Why there are so many conspiracy theories about the Turkish coup by Kristin Fabbe and Kimberly Guiler
The dark side of the popular mobilization that stopped Turkey’s coup by Lisel Hintz.
How Erdogan may exploit Turkey’s failed coup by A.Kadir Yildirim.
Tweeting Turkey, or how social media may have fundamentally changed the future of coups by Joshua Tucker.
Why the Turkish military still attempts coups by Michael R. Kenwick.
How Erdogan’s anti-democratic government made Turkey ripe for unrest by Yüksel Sezgin.

In non-Turkey pieces, we’ve worked on these Monkey Cage posts:

The problem with trying to destroy the Islamic State  by Colin P Clarke & Chad Serena.
Three important points to help in understanding South Sudan’s worsening crisis by Mark Fathi Massoud.
What to read this summer about the Middle East by Marc Lynch.

In recent POMEPS podcasts:
On the Leftist Groups in Middle East Political Science: A Conversation with Sune Haugbølle
Political Economy & Refugees in Jordan: POMEPS Conversation 74 with Pete Moore
What We Can Learn from Syrian Refugees: A Conversation with Daniel Corstange

(And especially relevant now is Kristen Fabbe’s podcast on the bubbling crisis in Turkey, which we published a few weeks ago

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