Weeks in Review: Syria, Mobilizations, Orlando Attacks


While the official start to summer may have begun, we haven’t headed to the beach just yet. (Look out for Marc’s annual list of beach reads next week in the Monkey Cage.)

This month, we’ve published three new podcasts, full of interesting and engaging conversations:

The Origins of Syria’s Crisis: POMEPS Conversation 72 with Reinoud Leenders
Iranian Revolution, Arab Uprisings, Mobilizations: POMEPS Conversation 71 with Charles Kurzman
Saudi Arabia’s New Challenges: POMEPS Conversation 70 with Greg Gause

In the Monkey Cage:

The surprising data behind the people who support terrorism, by World Bank economists Elena Ianchovichina and Youssouf Kiendrebeogo.
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood faces a dilemma: Religion or politics? Khalil al-Anani of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in Qatar answers.
Samar Habib on why the statements by MENA leaders condemning the Orlando attacks matters.
How violence helped both Erdogan and his Kurdish opponents in Turkey’s elections from Aysegul Aydin and Cem Emrence.

Finally, we’re accepting proposals for memos on refugees and migration movements in the Middle East. for a workshop to be held February 3, 2017 on the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles that will  look more deeply into the causes, nature and implications of  refugee as well as other, “non-forced,” migration movements.

Details here.

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