Weeks in Review: Sectarianism in the Gulf, Syrian Military, TRE deadline

Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek, Lebanon

Happy New Year from the POMEPS team; we’re excited for 2016 and the workshops and events in store for us!

Have you read our POMEPS Brief on increasing sectarianism in the Gulf States? It provides crucial background to the current situation in the region, especially between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

There’s still one week left to apply for a Travel/Research/Engagement grant. Details here.

If you’re in DC this month, check out our public event on January 28: New Approaches to Islamist Movements from 5-7pm. RSVP here.

Since our last post, we’ve had some interesting Monkey Cage articles:

The Syrian military has thousands of deserters. New research tells us why they left, by Dorothy Ohl (George Washington University), Kevin Koehler and Holger Albrecht (both American University in Cairo).

What are the Kurdish Women’s Units fighting for in Syria? by  Amy Austin Holmes (American University in Cairo).

Why Saudi Arabia escalated the Middle East’s sectarian conflict by Marc Lynch (POMEPS/George Washington), as well as Marc’s annual list of recommended books: Abu Aardvark’s 2015 Middle East Book Awards.

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