Week(s) in Review: Jordan’s elections, Apply for TRE grants


On this week’s podcast, Curtis Ryan talks about the upcoming election in Jordan. He’s also written a piece for TMC, which is a good explainer how why this election is significant— especially for observers looking to see what will happen among the several Islamists groups in contention.

Looking at youth and the Jordanian elections, Sean Yom and Wael Al-Khatib how a new youth movement is emerging in Jordan ahead of elections.

Also in TMC:

Why it’s good for dictators to have dictator friends, by Kevin Koehler, Alexander Schmotz, and Oisín Tansey

After 15 years, the political power of the 9/11 victims endures by Jay Aronson

It’s been 15 years since 9/11. How has al-Qaeda changed? by Barak Mendelsohn

TRE Application & Call for Proposals

Looking for funding to do research abroad this winter? Apply for one of our Travel-Research-Engagement grants by October 14.

We also have a call for proposals about local Islamist politics, presented next June in Sweden with the Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) at the University of Gothenburg & POMEPS. Applications are due January 8, 2017— more details here.