Week in Review: War in Yemen; New Approaches to Islamist Movements; Women in Egypt

stacey yadav

From our Podcast

This week in our POMEPS Conversations podcast #52, Marc Lynch sits down with Stacey Philbrick Yadav to discuss the ongoing civil war in Yemen. To listen to the other podcasts in the series subscribe via iTunes here or stream them on SoundCloud here.

In the Monkey Cage

Carolyn Warner and Ramazan Kılınç looked at a major similarity in the Muslim and Catholic religious traditions.

Dina Rashed examines what has changed in Egypt since the start of the Revolution– and what hasn’t.

Mark Kersten explains why the International Criminal Court is stepping out of Africa and into Georgia.

In case you missed it, we’re holding a virtual symposium to reflect on the Arab uprisings at the five year mark. See what’s been published so far here.

Upcoming POMEPS Events

On February 8, Ellen McLarney will join us to discuss her recent release, Women in Egypt’s Islamic Awakening. Find more information and RSVP here.

If you missed our panel on New Approaches to Islamist Movements — with Lindsay Benstead, Hesham Sallam, Jillian Scheduler, and Marc Lynch — you can watch it online here, or stream below:

New Approaches to Islamist Movements from POMEPS on Vimeo.


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