Week in Review: Turkey; OPEC; Jordan

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On the podcast:

This week, we tackle the crisis in Turkey with Harvard Business School’s Kristin Fabbe.

“Turkish democracy does better when Turkey is engaged with Europe. When Turkey is disengaged, Turkish democracy does worse. I think there’s really something to that argument,” Fabbe said. “The question is… is this the kind of engagement you want Turkey to have with Europe over the refugee and migration issue?”

Listen here.

In the Monkey Cage:

Jeff Colgan explains why this week’s OPEC meeting, was much ado about nothing.

Curtis R. Ryan gives a primer on what to expect from Jordan’s new prime minister.

On a surprising note, most U.S. states have their own sanctions against Iran. Jo-Anne Hart and Sue Eckert breakdown why that’s a problem.

Aysegul Aydin and Cem Emrence write about how new data shows violence helped both Erdogan and his Kurdish opponents in Turkey’s elections.

Opportunity: Call for proposals.

We’re accepting proposals for memos on refugees and migration movements in the Middle East. for a workshop to be held February 3, 2017 on the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles that will  look more deeply into the causes, nature and implications of  refugee as well as other, “non-forced,” migration movements.

Details here.

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