Week in Review: Reflections on the Egyptian Revolution; Women & Voting in the Middle East; Upcoming Events


From our new Podcast

This week in our POMEPS Conversations podcast #51, Marc Lynch sits down with Lindsay Benstead to discuss female political candidates in the Middle East, and the voter bases behind them. To listen to the other podcasts in the series subscribe via iTunes here or stream them on SoundCloud here.

In the Monkey Cage

Shervin Malekzadeh (Swarthmore College) looked at Iranian textbooks for clues about sectarianism and ancient hatred.

Ellen Lust (University of Gothenburg), Gamal Soltan (American University of Cairo), and Jakob Mathias Wichmann (Voluntas Advisory) explain how fear is the cause of failure in the case of the Egyptian revolution.

Steven Brooke (Harvard Kennedy School, University of Louisville) questioned whether the Arab uprising had destroyed the Muslim Brotherhood.

Brent Eng  and José Ciro Martínez (University of Cambridge) wrote about the perils of international food aid for starving Syrians.

Ellis Goldberg (University of Washington) discussed the actions of the Egyptian military after the revolution.

Michael Wahid Hanna (Century Foundation, NYU School of Law) challenges the notion that Egypt’s transition was always doomed to fail.

Marc Lynch watched the X-files and asked if political science can tell us whether the truth is out there.

In case you missed it, we’re holding a virtual symposium to reflect on the Arab uprisings at the five year mark. See what’s been published so far here.

Upcoming POMEPS Events

On February 1, Sean L. Yom will join us to discuss his recent release, From Resilience to Revolution. Find more information and RSVP here.

On February 8, Ellen McLarney will join us to discuss her recent release, Women in Egypt’s Islamic Awakening. Find more information and RSVP here.

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