Week in Review: Public Opinion, New Sectarianism, POMEPS Studies #20

POMEPS Podcast
This week’s Marc Lynch speaks with Bassel Salloukh, an associate professor of political science at the Social Sciences Department at Lebanese American University, about new forms of sectarianism. Listen here.

In the Monkey Cage

What do ordinary citizens in the Arab world really think about the Islamic State? by Mark Tessler, Michael Robbins and Amaney Jamal

When does Islam generate Western anxiety? by Daniel Silverman and Mujtaba Ali Isani

Are Clinton’s supporters to the right of Sanders’s on the Middle East? Hardly. By Shibley Telhami.

How do you forecast a coup? Don’t forget on-the-ground sources. By Richard Gowan

New Publication: We’ve published our latest POMEPS Studies #20: From Mobilization to Counter-Revolution, looking at issues facing the Middle East post-2011.

Remember…this Monday, August 1, is the proposal deadline for our workshop on Refugees and Migration at USC. More details here.