Week in Review: Podcast, MLK, Algeria


If you haven’t listened to the latest in our podcast series, you can subscribe via iTunes here, or stream on SoundCloud here.  This week, Marc Lynch speaks with Michael Wahid Hanna & Thanassis Cambanis of The Century Foundation. They talk about the upcoming fifth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution on January 25, and the challenges facing Egypt today.

In the Monkey Cage, Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan explain how the world is proving Martin Luther King right about nonviolence. John P. Entelis writes about what an amended constitution really changes about Algeria.

If you’re in town next week, you’ll want to check out our event on New Approaches to Islamist Movements with Lindsay Benstead (Portland State University), Hesham Sallam (Stanford University), and Jillian Schwedler (Hunter College).

Finally, a programming note. This month marks five years since the eruption of the Arab uprising. To take stock of what went wrong and what might still go differently, POMEPS asked more than a dozen scholars to reflect on the experience of the last five years in a single country or a thematic issue.

Over the next several weeks we will be publishing the contributions to this virtual symposium on the Monkey Cage. We’ll also collect them here.


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