Week in Review: New POMEPS Studies, Sykes-Picot review, and Monkey Cage


On Tuesday, we published POMEPS Studies 19 Women and Gender in Middle East Politics. Read or download the full collection as a PDF here, and check out the introduction on the changing face of women’s political participation in the Middle East on the Monkey Cage by POMEPS director Marc Lynch, Steering Committee member, Vickie Langohr, and Project Coordinator Lauren Baker.

This week marked the 100th Anniversary of Sykes-Picot and we collected half a dozen pieces of analysis to give some context about the actual significance – or insignificance – of this historic agreement.

The POMEPS podcast series continued with Marc Lynch’s conversation with Bessma Momani on her book, Arab Dawn: Arab Youth and the Demographic Dividend They Will Bring and the evolving demographics of the region. Remember to subscribe to POMEPS Conversations podcast on iTunes, follow us on SoundCloudor check back every Monday for new conversations.

Over at the Monkey Cage:

Daniel Ritter answers why nonviolent revolutions topple some dictators and not others;

Amanda Rizkallah looks at the surprising results in Beirut of Lebanon’s municipal elections;

Lionel Beehner and Maj. Mike Jackson use lessons on siege warfare from Sarajevo to learn about what may be in store for Aleppo; and

Elisabeth Kendall explains the staying power of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and how it may be defeated.

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