Week in Review: New POMEPS Studies

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This week POMEPS released Rethinking Nations and Nationalism, a collection of essays resulting from a symposium we held with Laurie A. Brand at the University of Southern California earlier in the year. The political scientists in this collection offer a wealth of diverse analysis on the changing nature of nation-states in the Middle East, their internal and external challengers and dynamic conceptions of national identity in the region.

Download the full collection as a PDF here.

Also, this week on The Monkey Cage:

Radhouane Addala, Chantal Berman and Elizabeth R. Nugent present their research showing Tunisian voters’ competing concerns about collective security and individual liberties.

F. Gregory Gause III of Texas A&M University adds to our Islam and International Order series by seeking to answer the question: “Why isn’t there an anti-Iran alliance” through the lens of regional ‘underbalancing.’

John M. Owen IV of the University of Virginia examines the possible future for Islamic democracy in the Middle East by considering the history of liberal democracy in the West.

And for background analysis on the June 7 parliamentary elections in Turkey, see our collection of recent articles here.



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