Week in Review: MENA summer reading and listening


It’s vacation season, and POMEPS has you covered for listening and reading material as you head out of the office, even if just for a long weekend.

POMEPS director Marc Lynch shares his annual Middle East summer reading list, including deeply moving narratives and analysis of Syria, books on insurgency and mobilization in Egypt, and even a few new novels. See his choices from last year and 2014 for even more MENA suggestions.

In this week’s podcast, Vickie Langohr of the College of the Holy Cross discusses the changing face of activism in Egypt since the uprisings and how new activists are creatively addressing old problems like public sexual harassment.

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We are still accepting proposals for our workshop on refugees and migration movements to be held February 3, 2017 on the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles. The event will  look more deeply into the causes, nature and implications of  refugee as well as other, “non-forced,” migration movements. The final deadline is August 1. Please see details here.

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