Week in Review: Iran election; Security in Jordan; Public Opinion in Bahrain


Hello from Princeton University!

We’re here as part of a collaboration for a discussion on “After the Uprisings: The Arab World in Freefall, Fragmentation or Reconfiguration?”

Watch live today and tomorrow here, or follow the conversation on Twitter with #AftertheUprisings.

From our Podcast

This week in our POMEPS Conversations podcast #56, Marc Lynch sits down with Sean L. Yom. Yom speaks about his new book, From Resilience to Revolution, and the role of foreign and domestic actors in Middle East politics. To listen to the other podcasts in the series subscribe via iTunes here or stream them on SoundCloud here.

In the Monkey Cage

Shervin Malekzadeh looks at shifting power dynamics in post-election Iran.

Narges Bajoghli examines the effects of the Green Movement and social media on women’s political participation in Iran’s elections.

Amir Hossein Mahdavi says that Iran’s election is about re-engagement with the world.

Benjamin A.T. Graham and Yonatan Lupu ask, ” What’s the best path to peace in Libya?

Curtis R. Ryan looks at how security trumps reform in post-Arab uprisings Jordan.

Peter Loewen, Janice Stein and Farhaan Ladhani show how an innovative new survey technique can reveal new insights about Bahraini public opinion.

See posts from our virtual symposium on the Arab uprisings at the five year mark here.

See short essays from the upcoming POMEPS studies 17, Evolving Methodologies in the Study of Islamist Politics.

Upcoming POMEPS Events

On March 10, POMEPS will host a panel discussion to discuss women in the political sphere after the uprisings. Find more information and RSVP here.

Heading to the International Studies Association Annual Convention in March?

Check out our guide to ISA 2016, featuring many POMEPS steering committee members, TRE grant recipients, and other collaborators. Don’t forget, POMEPS is hosting a reception on Friday night–see you there! More info and RSVP link here.

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