Week in Review: IR memos, Iraq reforms and reexamining Rabaa

This week we continued to share memos from the International Relations theory and a new Middle East  symposium POMEPS convened at Aarhus University in Denmark May 7-8. The scholars in this collection tackle important and timely questions about the role of IR theory in this highly contested region and how academics and students of these overlapping disciplines can learn from and challenge one another.

Follow POMEPS next week for more memos from this series.

And this week in the Monkey Cage:

Zaid Al-Ali explains why excitement about Iraq’s new reforms is greatly overstated, while Serhun Al examines what the proposed changes may mean for the politics of Iraqi Kurdistan;

Paasha Mahdavi presents research demonstrating that getting reelected to parliament in Iran depends on different factors than you may expect; and

Neil Ketchley and Michael Biggs commemorate the second anniversary of the Rabaa massacre with new research contradicting the conventional narrative about those protestors involved.


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