Week in Review: Gender and politics; The New Arab Wars; Twitter

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From our Podcast

On this week’s podcast, Marc Lynch speaks with Marwa Shalaby of Rice University about the status of women in politics in the Middle East.  To listen to the other podcasts in the series subscribe via iTunes here or stream them on SoundCloud here.

From our symposium 

Ellen McLarney of Duke University examines the language of women’s rights and gender roles in the Egyptian constitutions.

In the Monkey Cage

Shervin Malekzadeh looks at the effects of a new app on Iranian politics and civil society.

Laurie A. Brand and Joshua Stacher suggest that two islands may bring more stability to Egypt than billions in Gulf aid.

The New Arab Wars


Watch POMEPS director Marc Lynch discuss his new book, “The New Arab Wars: Anarchy and Uprising in the Middle East,” at the Centre for International Governance Innovation with CIGI Senior Fellow and co-host Andrew Thompson. For more information and to purchase a copy click here.

On Twitter

Check out our new POMEPS Scholars list! Follow top scholars and POMEPS contributors for their reactions and musings on happenings in the Middle East.

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