Week in Review: Events, Monkey Cage and Call for Proposals

Image by Marwa Morgan, Flickr Creative Commons.

Upcoming Events

If you’re in town on Monday, we invite you to attend a conversation with Mark Tessler’s about his new book, Islam and Politics in the Middle EastMore information or RSVP here

We’re also hosting a discussion on October 29 with Jason Brownlee, Tarek Masoud and Andrew Reynolds to discuss their recent release The Arab Spring: Pathways of Repression and Reform. More information or RSVP here.

And, Avi Max Spiegel will join us on November 5 to discuss his recent book, Young Islam: The New Politics of Religion in Morocco and the Arab World. More information or RSVP here.

In the Monkey Cage:

Daniel Brumberg of Georgetown University and the United States Institute of Peace asks if Tunisia’s National Dialogue model can ever be replicated;
Nathan J. Brown of George Washington University argues that virtually everyone is likely to come away disappointed with Egypt’s new parliament;
Mark Kersten of the University of Toronto writes about Sudan, South Africa and the future of the International Criminal Court in Africa;
Haroro J. Ingram of Australian National University describes what analysis of the Islamic State’s media strategy keeps missing, and why the organization’s strategy isn’t new;
Lisel Hintz of Cornell University writes about political polarization in Turkey and examines how the recent terrorist attacks have only encouraged a culture of fear and hatred;
Amir Hossein Mahdavi of Brandeis University explains why Iran’s parliament held hearings on the nuclear deal; and
Michael Robbins of the Arab Barometer argues that the Arab uprisings had a surprisingly small effect on attitudes of ordinary citizens towards democracy, likely because the uprisings were not really about democracy in the first place.

Other Reminders

POMEPS is accepting proposals for our 7th Annual Conference on the contemporary politics of the Middle East. We look forward to receiving all proposals by December 11, 2015.

Also, if you’re planning to attend MESA in Denver next month, make sure to RSVP to our reception Sunday, November 22.

Image courtesy of Marwa Morgan, via Creative Commons.

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