Week in Review: Call for Proposals; MESA Reception; Democracy & Gender Equality

Heavy clouds won't block the light. (Really nostalgic)

Call for Proposals

Our deadline is less than a month away for submitting proposals for POMEPS 7th Annual Conference. More details here.

In the Monkey Cage:

Sarah Bush, of Temple University, explains why democracy promotion is failing.

Lindsay Benstead, of Portland State University, argues, on the heels of Canada’s new parliament, that quotes are needed for gender equality.

of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, explains why Salafi Islamists are contesting Egypt’s elections.

Other Notes

If you haven’t read our new briefing on Tunisia, Tunisia‚Äôs Volatile Transition to Democracy, it’s well worth a download. Available here.

Finally, if you’re attending MESA next week, please make sure to attend to our reception on Sunday night. RSVP here.

Image via Flickr creative commons user Marwa Morgan.

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