Week in Review: Tunisia, Islam & Upcoming Events


In the Monkey Cage, Mark R. Beissinger, Amaney A. Jamal, and Kevin Mazur (all of Princeton University) examine the contrasting strategies of the Tunisian and Egyptian regimes preceding the uprisings.

Mark Tessler spoke at POMEPS this week about his latest book, Islam and Politics in the Middle East, and survey data from his work with the Arab Barometer. Watch video of the event here.

Join us next week! We’re hosting a discussion next Thursday, October 29 with Jason Brownlee, Tarek Masoud and Andrew Reynolds to discuss their recent release The Arab Spring: Pathways of Repression and Reform. More information or RSVP here.

And, Avi Max Spiegel will join us on November 5 to discuss his recent book, Young Islam: The New Politics of Religion in Morocco and the Arab World. More information or RSVP here.

Image courtesy of Ilirjan Rrumbullaku via Creative Commons.

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