Threats and Alliances in the Middle East: A Conversation with May Darwich (S. 8, Ep. 2)

On this week’s POMEPS podcast, May Darwich discusses her new book, Threats and Alliances in the Middle East: Saudi and Syrian Policies in a Turbulent Region, with Marc Lynch.

“The book focuses on how threat perceptions for some states led to particular alliance decisions,” said Darwich. “It looks at some historical cases ,but also some more recent cases.”

“In particular, it’s looking at how identity and power into plays in shaping threat perception.”

“So over time the book also gives an idea of how these processes of identity change. They are very they are very slow in that change, but over time we could see that this interaction between material and identity— it’s shaping both how the identity is developing over time, but also the alliance choices made based on threats to identity also shapes how actors evolve and how their roles evolve in the region.”

Darwich is a Lecturer in IR of the Middle East at the University of Birmingham.

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