The Suspended Disaster & Turkey/Syria Zoom (S. 13, Ep. 3)

The Suspended DisasterOn this week’s episode of the podcast, Thomas Serres of the University of California, Santa Cruz joins Marc Lynch to discuss his new book, The Suspended Disaster: Governing By Crisis in Bouteflika’s Algeria. In his book, he examines the dynamics of the Algerian political system, offering new insights into the last years of Bouteflika’s rule and the factors that shaped the emergence of an unexpected social movement. He argues that the Algerian ruling coalition developed a mode of government based on the management of a seemingly never-ending crisis. (Starts at 0:49).

Lisel Hintz of Johns Hopkins SAIS also joins Marc Lynch in a conversation about the zoom group that she formed for Syrian and Turkish academics affected by the earthquake. They also discuss Hintz’s own research on Turkish pop culture and how you can learn about politics by studying the media. (Starts at 35:02).




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