The Revolution Will be Telegrammed:  Iran After the Elections and the End of Sanctions

Join an excellent panel lineup at Swarthmore College tomorrow, Thursday April 14 for a discussion on Iran’s future.
The Revolution will be Telegrammed
“If not this, then what? If not elections, then Syria?”  Elections for the 10th Parliament and 5th Assembly of Experts this past February confirmed the movement towards moderation and coalition‐building heralded by the surprise victory of Hassan Rouhani in 2013.

Asked by their government to participate in national elections as an exercise in national unity, each vote “a bullet to the heart of the enemy” in the West, millions of Iranians chose instead to use their presence at the ballot box as a stand against radicalism and intemperance at home, and above all, to use politics in order to avoid the tragic and violent fate of Syria.If in the United States there is growing evidence that the American political system is tearing apart at the ends, leading to an ever‐quickening disintegration of the political center, then Iran presents a case of polarization giving way to conciliation and the consolidation of the middle‐road in politics. As a consequence, and against all expectations, less than seven years after the catastrophic suppression of the Green Movement shook the foundations of the Islamic Republic to the core, Iran is today one of the only stable countries in the region.

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