Thank You to the POMEPS 2021-2022 Discussants!

Over the course of the 2021-22 Academic Year, POMEPS hosted 18 virtual research workshops for junior scholars, including sessions dedicated to both book manuscripts and journal article manuscripts. This valuable service to the Middle East Political Science community would not be possible without the boundless generosity of our volunteer discussants.  Their willingness to contribute constructive commentary and close readings of the work of their junior colleagues amidst all of the other demands on their time reminds us all of the purpose of academic community.  We would like to acknowledge and thank the following scholars who served as discussants in our virtual research workshops this academic year, and all of those who volunteered in years past.

Samer Abboud, Fiona Adamson, Hatim al-Hibri, Peter Andreas, Adam Auerbach, Narges Bajoghli, Andre Bank, Anne Marie Baylouny, Lindsay Benstead, Aomar Boum, John Bowen, Michaelle Browers, Nathan Brown, Jason Brownlee, Jeffrey Byrne, Melani Cammett, Francesco Cavatorta, Jocelyn Cesari, Janine Clark, Daniel Corstange, Omar Dewachi, Deborah Gould, Sherine Hafez, Ian Hartshorn, Ray Hinnebusch, Lisel    Hintz, Kristina Kausch, Neil Ketchley, Evan Lieberman, Ellen Lust, Helle Malmvig, Zachariah Mampilly, Anne Meng, Kelsey Norman, Esra Ozyurek, Wendy Pearlman, Chris Phillips, Larry Rubin, Marwa Shalaby, Deen Sharp, Ben Smith, Ted Swedenburg, Tariq Thachil, Simone Tholens, Gerasimos Tsourapas, Kristian Ulrichsen, Nicole Watts, Jessica Winegar, Zoe Wool, Sean Yom, and Yael Zeira.

-Marc Lynch, POMEPS Director