Syria Divided & Perspectives on Politics (S. 13, Ep. 4)

Syria DividedOn this week’s episode of the podcast, Ora Szekely of Clark University joins Marc Lynch to discuss her new book, Syria Divided: Patterns of Violence in a Complex Civil War. Szekely draws on sources including in-depth interviews, conflict data, and propaganda distributed through social media to examine how these competing narratives have shaped the course of the conflict. Szekely argues that the competition to control the narrative in the eyes of important audiences at home and abroad has not only influenced the choices of participants, it has also—shaped in part by the use of social media—led many to treat warfare as a kind of performance. (Starts at 0:54).

Wendy Pearlman of Northwestern University also joins Marc Lynch to discuss the Perspectives on Politics journal, of which she serves as co-editor. The journal aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among political scientists with wide-ranging subfield specializations, epistemological perspectives, analytical approaches, and thematic interests.  The journal plays a role as an impactful conduit for political science’s engagement beyond the academy. (Starts at 34:21).


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