Serena: It Takes More than a Network

It Takes More than a NetworkChad C. Serena recently published It Takes More than a Network: The Iraqi Insurgency and Organizational Adaptation (Stanford University Press). In It Takes More than a Network Serena offers “a structured investigation of the Iraqi insurgency’s capacity for and conduct of organizational adaptation.” Serena examines the success of the insurgency from 2003 to 2006 and the insurgency’s collapse in 2008. He argues that “the Iraqi insurgency failed to achieve longer-term organizational goals because many of its organizational strengths were also its organizational weaknesses.” In the final chapters Serena takes a wider lens, comparing the Iraqi insurgency’s organizational adaptations to those of the ongoing Afghan insurgency and concluding that the Afghan insurgency has been better able to leverage its organizational strengths to counter its weaknesses. — C.K. 

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