Reluctant Reception, COVID-19 Challenges in MENA Research, and Ending Insecurities in the MENA (S. 10, Ep. 1)

Kelsey Norman of Rice University talks about her latest book, Reluctant Reception: Refugees, Migration and Governance in the Middle East and North Africa with Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast. The book proposes the concept of ‘strategic indifference’, where states [such as Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey] proclaim to be indifferent toward migrants and refugees, thereby inviting international organizations and local NGOs to step in and provide services on the state’s behalf. (Starts at 28:27). Gail Buttorff of University of Houston speaks about her new report, “COVID-19 Pandemic Compounds Challenges Facing MENA Research,” (co-authored with Nermin Allam of Rutgers University and Marwa Shalaby of University of Wisconsin-Madison) published in the American Political Science Association Fall 2020 MENA Politics Newsletter. You can also read their pieces: “A Survey Reveals How the Pandemic Has Hurt MENA Research” and “Gender, COVID and Faculty Service.” (Starts at 1:40). Samer Abboud of Villanova University discusses his piece, “Syria, Crisis Ecologies, and Enduring Insecurities in the MENA,” published in POMEPS Studies 42: MENA’s Frozen Conflicts. You can also read his latest pieces: “Reconciling fighters, settling civilians: the making of post-conflict citizenship in Syria” and “Imagining Localism in Post-Conflict Syria: Prefigurative Reconstruction Plans and the Clash Between Liberal Epistemology and Illiberal Conflict.” (Starts at 14:05).


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