POMEPS Studies 25: Refugees and Migration Movements in the Middle East

POMEPS Studies 25: Refugees and Migration Movements in the Middle East

In February 2017, the Project on Middle East Political Science and the Middle East Studies Program at the University of Southern California with support from its Center for International Studies convened a workshop bringing together a dozen scholars from multiple disciplines to discuss the dramatic flood of refugees and forced migration over the last fifteen years in the Middle East.  POMEPS Studies 25 is a collection of their memos from this workshop, available as an open-access PDF here.

Introduction: Refugees and Displacement in the Middle East
Marc Lynch, POMEPS and George Washington University
Laurie Brand, University of Southern California

The Nexus: Human Smuggling and Syrian Refugees’ Trajectories across the Middle East and the Balkans
Luigi Achilli, European University Institute

Leveraging Sovereignty: The Case of Jordan and the International Refugee Regime
Rawan Arar, University of California

Protest and Informal Leadership in Syrian Refugee Camps
Killian Clarke, Princeton University

Rethinking Borders: The Case of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon
Filippo Dionigi, London School of Economics

By Not Taking Refugees, the U.S. May Make them More Dangerous
Jonah Eaton, Nationalities Service Center; University of Pennsylvania Law School
Adnan Naseemullah, King’s College London.

Stretched Thin: Geographies of Syria’s Opposition in Exile
Ali Hamdan, University of California.

Trajectories of Activism among Syrian Refugees
Rana B. Khoury, Northwestern University

Beyond Ethno-sectarian ‘Cleansing’: The Assortative Logic of Forced Displacement in Syria
Adam G. Lichtenheld, University of California, Berkeley

Inaction as Policy-Making: Understanding Lebanon’s Early Response to the Refugee Influx
Lama Mourad, University of Toronto

The Real Refugee Crisis is in the Middle East, not Europe
Kelsey P. Norman, University of California at Irvine
Lisel Hintz, Cornell University
Rawan Arar, University of California at San Diego

Culture or Bureaucracy? Challenges in Syrian refugees’ initial incorporation in Germany
Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University

Vetting Trump’s Vetting of Refugees
Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University

Refuge, Market, and Garden: Tropes of Jordanian Stability among Amman’s Iraqi Residents
Zachary Sheldon, University of Chicago

Displacement and Identity: Exploring Syrian Refugees’ Lived Experiences
Basileus Zeno, University of Massachusetts