Queer Activism in Lebanon, Refugee Aid in Jordan, and East Jerusalem (S. 11, Ep. 18)

John Nagle of Queens University Belfast and Tamirace Fakhoury of Aalborg University join Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast to discuss their new book, Resisting Sectarianism: Queer Activism in Postwar Lebanon. In the book, Nagle and Fakhoury examine feminist and LGBTQ social movements in the context of Lebanon’s postwar sectarian system. (Starts at 0:40). Reva Dhingra of Harvard University discusses her latest article,Coordination in practice or performance? The political economy of refugee aid coordination in Jordan,” published in the Journal of Refugee Studies. (Starts at 37:19). Dana el-Kurd of the University of Richmond about recent Palestinian mobilization in East Jerusalem. (Starts at 53:22).




Music for this season’s podcast was created by Bashir Saade (playing Ney) and Farah Kaddour (on Buzuq). You can find more of Bashir’s work on his YouTube Channel.

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