Protest Behavior During the Arab Spring, Protest & Moral Economy in Jordan, Arab Uprisings & Return of Repression (S. 10, Ep. 14)

Stephanie Dornschneider of University College Dublin talks about her latest book, Hot Contention, Cool Abstention: Positive Emotions and Protest Behavior During the Arab Spring, with Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast.  The book traces how decisions about participating in the Arab Spring were made, using psychology literature on reasoning and political science literature on protest. (Starts at 29:47). Matthew Lacouture of Wayne State University speaks about his new article entitled, “Privatizing the Commons: Protest and the Moral Economy of National Resources in Jordan,” published by International Review of Social History. (Starts at 0:54). Maria Josua of the German Institute for Global and Area Studies and Mirjam Edel of University of Tubingen discuss their new article, “The Arab uprisings and the return of repression,” published in Mediterranean Politics. (Starts at 15:11).



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