POMEPS Studies 41 – Israel/Palestine: Exploring A One-State Reality

In October 2019, the Project on Middle East Political Science convened a workshop with more than a dozen scholars – Israelis, Palestinians, and others – to discuss the contours of this emergent one state reality.  The essays in this collection represent an initial assessment of this reality, and many more will follow over the years to come.  The authors each bring their own perspective and history, their own commitments and values, their own aspirations for the future, producing areas of agreement and disagreement.  But all agree on the urgent need to recognize the Israeli-Palestinian reality for what it really is and to develop the theoretical language and conceptual tools to rigorously describe and compare that reality. We hope this collection makes a small contribution to the vibrant intellectual debates developing around these issues and joins those ongoing dialogues in a productive way.

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Marc Lynch, Michael Barnett, Nathan J. Brown

One-State Reality: Israel as the State that Rules the Lands and Populations Living Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River

Ian S. Lustick

Waking Up to the One-State Reality

Yousef Munayyer

Citizenship as a mobility regime

Yael Berda

Land Consolidation and the One-State Reality 

Tareq Baconi

Israel, Palestine, and the prospects for denationalization

Nadav G. Shelef

Military Rule in the West Bank

Diana B. Greenwald

The Powerful Strategic Logic Of A Hazy Mentality With Hard Edges

Nathan J. Brown

So, how many settlements are there? Counting, tracking, and normalizing Jewish settlements in the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Yearbook, 1967 to the present

Sivan Hirsch-Hoefler and Lihi Ben Shitrit

(Re)framing Jewish Privilege and Rebuffing Arab Rights

Gershon Shafir

Gaza And The One-State Contest: An Internal Decolonizing Discourse

Imad Alsoos and Shir Hever

No Longer Sacred: Religious Post-Zionist Beliefs about the State of Israel

Michael Freedman

Voluntary Grassroots Organizations, Civil Society, and the State in Palestine

Catherine E. Herrold

Segregation, Integration, And Intergroup Relations In Israel

Chagai M. Weiss

Changing American Public Attitudes On Israel/Palestine: Does It Matter For Politics?

Shibley Telhami

American Jewry and the Rise of the Israeli Ethnoreligious State

Michael Barnett