POMEPS Studies 40 – Africa and the Middle East: Beyond the Divides

The papers, published in this collection, ranged widely over issues connecting West Africa, the Horn, the Sahel and North Africa thematically, politically, militarily and culturally.  The goal of this volume is to get American political science to break down the barriers between academic subfields defined by regions and open the fields to new questions raised by scholars from and across Africa and the Middle East.

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Introduction: A Transregional Approach to Africa and the Middle East

Hisham Aïdi, Marc Lynch, Zachariah Mampilly

And the Twain Shall Meet: Connecting Africa and the Middle East

Hisham Aïdi, Marc Lynch, Zachariah Mampilly


Sudan’s Revolution

‘Beyond regime change’: Reflections on Sudan’s ongoing revolution

Nisrin El-Amin

The Great Game of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in Sudan

Jean-Baptiste Gallopin

What Lies Beneath the Sands: Archaeologies of Presence in Revolutionary Sudan

Noah Salomon



Making Sense of the East African Warscape

Samar Al-Bulushi

Magnates, Media, and Mercenaries: How Libya’s conflicts produce transnational networks straddling Africa and the Middle East

Wolfram Lacher


Cross-Regional Engagements

Determinants of Middle East states involvement in the Horn of Africa

Federico Donelli

Network-Building and Human Capital investments at the intersection of China-Africa and China Middle East Relations

Lina Benabdallah

The Scalar Politics of Turkey’s Pivot to Africa

Ezgi Guner


Identity Movements

National Identity in the Afro-Arab Periphery: Ethnicity, Indigeneity and (anti)Racism in Morocco

Hisham Aïdi

Black Tunisians and the Pitfalls of Bourguiba’s Homogenization Project

Afifa Ltifi


Islamist Movements

Rethinking the weak state paradigm in light of the war on terror: Evidence from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Zekeria Ould Ahmed Salem

Why Are There Few Islamist Parties South of the Sahara?

Alexander Thurston


Concluding Reflections on Africa and the Middle East

Alexander de Waal