POMEPS Professional Development Seminars: Research Transparency and Publishing in Political Science Journals

POMEPS Professional Development Seminars #3
Research Transparency and Publishing in Political Science Journals
January 21, 2022
10:00 am – 11:00 am ET (DC)


Research Transparency and Publishing in Political Science Journals: What You Need To Know

Over the last several years, many political science journals have introduced new standards for data access and research transparency for both quantitative and qualitative papers. Junior scholars who hope to publish in those journals need to know what to expect from reviewers and editors, and how to generate the kind of information necessary to meet each journal’s standards.  In this POMEPS Professional Development webinar, American Political Science Review editors Michelle Dion and Elisabeth Jean Wood discuss the implementation of the APSA 2020 Principles on Human Subjects Research, which call for transparency about ethical practices, and Emily Kalah Gade discusses her experience with the transparency process while recently publishing in the APSR.


Marc Lynch, Director of POMEPS
Michelle Dion, McMaster University (APSR Editorial Team)
Elisabeth Jean Wood, Yale University (APSR Editorial Team)
Emily Kalah Gade, Emory University: “Social Isolation and Repertoires of Resistance,” APSR 114, no.3 (2020)
Additional Resources
The Qualitative Transparency Deliberations.  Perspectives on Politics (2021)
Watch also upcoming issues – either January or March – for an Editors notes with more advice about getting published in the APSR.
Exemplar articles w/discussions of complex ethical considerations in their appendices: