POMEPS Professional Development Seminars: Demystifying the PhD Application Process

POMEPS Professional Development Seminars #2
Demystifying the PhD Application Process
November 9th, 2021
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm ET (DC)
How should students interested in the Middle East approach the process of applying for PhD programs in Political Science/Government?  What specifically should they look for in a program, beyond the generic rankings and name recognition?  What makes for a competitive application, and what makes some applicants stand out from the crowd?  What makes a compelling personal statement? How do U.S. doctoral programs differ from programs in the UK, and how should that affect your applications? Are there specific things which applicants from the MENA region need to consider?  In this webinar, POMEPS Director Marc Lynch is joined by three leading scholars of MENA politics with experience with graduate admissions to demystify the process, explain what works and what doesn’t, and answer questions.
Marc Lynch, The George Washington University/POMEPS
Steven Brooke, The University of Wisconsin-Madison
May Darwich, The University of Birmingham (UK)
Richard Nielsen, MIT