POMEPS Guide to MESA 2015

If you’re heading to MESA this weekend in Denver, we’ve got your guide to the sessions with some of our POMEPS alums. Also, if you haven’t yet registered for our reception on Sunday night, you can do so here (we promise we’re fun!).

Saturday, November 21
5:30-7:30 PM

Tunisiaʼs Progress since the Revolution
Organized by Sabina Henneberg
Chair: John P. Entelis
Discussant: Eva Bellin
Sabina Henneberg, Elizabeth R. Nugent, Elizabeth Young, Alexander Martin

Sectarianization in the Middle East
Organized by Nader Hashemi
Chair: Danny Postel
Discussant: Nader Hashemi
Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi, George E. Irani , Fanar Haddad , Marwa Daoudy , Madeleine Wells

Limitations and Opportunities of Religious Activism in the Middle East
Organized by Mona Tajali
Discussant: Asef Bayat
Mahmoud JarabaLihi Ben ShitritSahar Maranlou, Mona Tajali, Sachiko Hosoya

States, Citizens, and Economic Welfare Bargains: Reconsidering Distributive Politics in MENA before and after 2011
Organized by Anya Vodopyanov
Chair/Discussant: Steven Heydemann
Anya Vodopyanov, Melani Cammett

Sunday, November 22
8:30-10:30 AM

Military Insubordination in the Middle East
Chair/Discussant: Marc Lynch
Dorothy Ohl, Kevin Koehler, Holger Albrecht

Restoring Tunisia: Postrevolutionary Repositionings, Unholy Alliances, and Indignified Youth
Organizer/Chair/Discussant: William Lawrence
Yahia Zoubir, Azzedine Layachi, Mehdi Ayari, Maro Youssef, Ricardo Rene Laremont

11 AM- 1PM

Foreign-Policy Making in Authoritarian States of the Middle East
Organized by Noa Schonmann
Chair/Discussant: Mehran Kamrava
Jason Pack, Noa Schonmann, Russell Lucas, Hussein Banai, Victor Kattan

Islamist and Professional Activism in Post-Mubarak Egypt
Chair: Abdullahi A. Gallab
Sarah S. Eltantawi, Ilona Gerbakher, Ewan Stein, Soha Bayoumi

2-4 PM

Democratic, Left, Feminist and Liberal Activism in the MENA
Organized by John Chalcraft
Maha Abdelrahman, Nadje Al-Ali, Cengiz Gunes, Toby Matthiesen, John Chalcraft

Egypt—Intellectuals, Political Tyranny, and the Death of the Public Sphere (*Special Session)
Organized by Nader Hashemi
Chair: Nader Hashemi
Discussants: Nathan J. Brown, Mona El-Ghobashy, Amaney A. Jamal, Amr Hamzawy, Emad Shahin

4:30- 6:30 PM

Turmoil and Tolerance: Unpacking the Current Crisis in Yemen
Organized/Chaired by Daniel Martin Varisco
Mohammed Sharafuddin, Najwa Adra, Marieke Brandt, Waleed F. Mahdi, Sam Liebhaber

State Policies of Control in the Contemporary Middle East
Chair: Sabri Ciftci
Kevin W. Martin, Lisa Blaydes, Sean Yom

Monday, November 23
8:30- 10:30 AM

Law and (Public) Order: Political Science Engages the New Middle East
Organized by Jillian M. Schwedler
Sarah Parkinson, Jillian M. Schwedler, Robert P. Parks, Laryssa Chomiak

11 AM- 1PM

Identity and Sectarianism in Modern Syria
Organized by Kevin Mazur
Chair: Steven Heydemann
Max Weiss, Daniel Neep, Annika Rabo, Kevin Mazur

2:30- 4:30 PM

Population-Based Survey Experiments in the Middle East
Organized by Matt Buehler
Jocelyn Sage Mitchell, Matt Buehler, Lindsay J. Benstead, Ellen Lust, Steven T. Brooke

Negotiating Fragmentation: The Recent History of Four Islamist Movements
Organized by Laurence Deschamps-Laporte
Chair: Joshua Landis
Jose Vericat, Victor Willi, Laurence Deschamps-Laporte, Rory McCarthy

Structures and Transformations of Political Economy
Chair: Sahar Taghdisi Rad
Michael Siemon, Steve Monroe, Erin A. Snider, Mohamed Sallam, Brandon Gorman, Gozde Guran

The Islamic State: Propaganda, Practice, Persecution
Chair: James F. Goode
Quinn Mecham, Michael Sims, Seth Cantey, Sabah Firoz Uddin

5- 7 PM

Qatar after Sheikh Hamad
Organized by Mehran Kamrava
Mehran Kamrava, Steven Wright, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Zahra Babar, Abdullah Baabood

Symptom of a Crisis or Driver for Change? Socioeconomic Protests and Political Transformations in the MENA Region
Organized by Irene Weipert-Fenner
Chair: Ellen Lust
Discussant: Melani Cammett, Nadine Abdalla, Irene Weipert-Fenner, Jan-Philipp Vatthauer, Dina Bishara

Tuesday, November 24
8:30- 10:30 AM

Contentious Politics in Post-Coup Egypt
Organized by Neil Ketchley
Chair: Steven T. Brooke
Discussant: Jillian M. Schwedler
Amy Austin Holmes, Neil Ketchley, Ian M. Hartshorn, Yasmine Laveille

11 AM- 1 PM

Political Economies of Upheaval and War in the Middle East
Organized by Joshua Stacher
Chair/Discussant: Joel Beinin
Pete W. Moore, Michael Herb, Joshua Stacher, Max Ajl, Sheila Carapico

1:30- 3:30 PM

Judges, Lawyers, and Change in the MENA: When and How Do Judicial Practitioners Challenge or Defend the Status Quo?
Organized by Dorthe Kirsten Engelcke
Chair: Denis J. Sullivan
Discussant: Nathan J. Brown
Rania Maktabi, Monique C. Cardinal, David Mednicoff, Dorthe Kirsten Engelcke

Subjectivity, Meaning-Making, and Misrecognition in Islamist Discourse
Organized by Stacey Philbrick Yadav
Chair/Discussant: Yasmeen Daifallah
Murad Idris, Ahmed Khanani, Roxanne L. Euben, Stacey Philbrick Yadav

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