POMEPS Conversations: Amaney Jamal (S. 4, Ep. 12)


This week’s conversation is with Amaney Jamal. She speaks with Marc Lynch about the After the Uprisings conference co-hosted by Princeton University and POMEPS, and the future of political science in the Middle East.

Music for this season’s podcast was created by Feras Arrabi. You can find more of his work on his Facebook and Instagram page.

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Amaney Jamal is the Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Politics at Princeton University and director of the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice. Jamal also directs the Workshop on Arab Political Development. She currently is President of the Association of Middle East Women’s Studies (AMEWS).

Read more from Jamal:

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What the Arab uprising protesters really wanted, Washington Post, October 2015.

How Islam mattered in the Arab uprisings, Washington Post, July 2014.

Does Western pressure for gender equality help? Washington Post, July 2014.

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