POMEPS and the American University of Cairo Conference: From Tahrir: Revolution or Democratic Transition

In June 2011, POMEPS and the American University of Cairo co-hosted a three-day conference  “From Tahrir: Revolution or Democratic Transition” at AUC’s historic Tahrir Square campus. The conference connected scholars and activists in the Middle East with experts from the United States and Europe. Conference panels included:

  • Between Democratic Transition and Revolution: Where to Place Events in Egypt?
  • How to Understand the Current Uprisings: The Role of Labor and the Subaltern
  • Youth Movements and Social Media: Their Role and Impact
  • The Future of Political Parties
  • Elections in the Region: Enduring Clientalism?
  • Restructuring the Entrenched Security Apparatus
  • From Authoritarianism to Democracy: Experiences from Central Europe, Mexico and Spain
  • After the Transition: Consolidation of Democracy


The highlight of the conference was a dinner and Keynote Address from former Foreign Minister of Brazil Ambassador Celso Amorim on “Democratic Transition and the Brazilian Experience.”

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