Policing Iraq, Hard Traveling, and Consequences of Internal Displacement (S. 10, Ep. 16)

Jesse Wozniak of West Virginia University talks about his latest book, Policing Iraq: Legitimacy, Democracy, and Empire in a Developing State, with Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast.  The book demonstrates how police are integral to the modern state’s ability to effectively rule and how the failure to recognize this directly contributed to the destabilization of Iraq and the rise of the Islamic State. (Starts at 32:51). Alexei Abrahams of Harvard University speaks about his new article entitled, “Hard traveling: unemployment and road infrastructure in the shadow of political conflict,” published by Cambridge University Press. (Starts at 0:53). Adam Lichtenheld of Yale University discusses his new article, “The consequences of internal displacement on civil war violence: Evidence from Syria,” (co-authored with Justin Schon of University of Virginia) published in Political Geography. (Starts at 18:24).




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