Oil Money & The Struggle for Supremacy (S. 12, Ep. 20)

November 15, 2021: David Wight on Oil Money » International History Institute | Blog Archive | Boston UniversityDavid Wight of the University of North Carolina Greensboro joins Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast to discuss his book, Oil Money: Middle East Petrodollars and the Transformation of US Empire, 1967-1988. The book is an expansive yet judicious investigation of the wide-ranging and contradictory effects of petrodollars on Middle East–US relations and the geopolitics of globalization.  (Starts at 00:50). Simon Mabon of Lancaster University discusses his new book, The Struggle for Supremacy in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and Iran (Starts at 31:06). In this book, Mabon presents a more nuanced assessment of the rivalry [between Saudi Arabia and Iran], outlining its history and demonstrating its impact across the Middle East.



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