Networked Refugees, Currency Crises, and Algeria’s Hirak Movement (S. 11, Ep. 15)

Nadya Hajj from Wellesley College joins Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast to discuss her new book, Networked Refugees: Palestinian Reciprocity and Remittances in the Digital Age. In the book, Hajj finds that Palestinian refugees utilize Information Communication Technology platforms to motivate reciprocity—a cooperative action marked by the mutual exchange of favors and services—and informally seek aid and connection with their transnational diaspora community. (Starts at 0:48). David Steinberg of Johns Hopkins SAIS discusses his latest article, “How Voters Respond to Currency Crises: Evidence From Turkey,” published in Comparative Political Studies. (Starts at 29:03). Thomas Serres of the University of California, Santa Cruz  discusses the fortunes of Algeria’s Hirak movement. (Starts at 44:58).



Music for this season’s podcast was created by Bashir Saade (playing Ney) and Farah Kaddour (on Buzuq). You can find more of Bashir’s work on his YouTube Channel.

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