Migdal: Shifting Sands

Joel S. Migdal recently published Shifting Sands: The United States in the Middle East (Columbia University Press). In Shifting Sands, Migdal traces the history of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East from World War II to the Arab Uprisings. Pointing to regional changes, such as the creation of Israel, the Free Officers Coup in Egypt, and the Iranian revolution, Migdal shows how the lack of U.S. attention to these and other key transformations resulted in policy mistakes throughout the 20th century. Migdal then argues that the recent uprisings are “an opportunity for the United States to deploy a new, more workable strategy, and he concludes with a plan for gaining a stable foothold in the region.”

POMEPS is delighted that Migdal will be joining us for a Shifting Sands book launch on September 19. Stay tuned for details! — C.K.       

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