Junior Scholars Book Development Workshop

The Junior Scholars Book Development Workshop is a special opportunity for scholars who have not yet received tenure. Junior scholars at the conference have their complete dissertation or book manuscripts discussed in depth by at least two invited senior colleagues with an eye toward preparing the work for publication.

The first Junior Scholars Book Development Workshop was held in October 2012 at Yale University. Six junior scholars were brought together with 12 leading senior scholars in the fields of political science and Middle East studies.

October 2014

Ben Shitrit, Lihi. Righteous Transgressions: Women’s Activism in Religious Political Movement.

Bishara, Dina. Contesting Authoritarianism: Challenges to State Corporatism in Egypt.

Hajj, Nadya. Formalization on Frontiers: Property Rights in Palestinian Refugee Camps.

Holmes, Amy Austin. A Revolution in Three Waves: Mass Risings in Egypt against the Mubarak Regime, the Military Junta, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Welborne, Bozena. Emerging Veto Players? Exploring Women’s Political Agency in the Middle East and North Africa.

Zencirci, F. Gizem. Neoliberal Welfare: Islamism, Secularism and New Cultures of Generosity in Turkey.

November 2013

Buttorff, Gail. The Logic of Opposition: Legitimacy and Electoral Strategy in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jones, Calvert W. Bedouins in Bourgeois; Kings, Experts, and Citizen-Making in the United Arab Emirates.

Szekely, Ora. We are the Resistance: Resources, Relationships, and the Politics of Survival in the Middle East.

Thurston, Alex. Managing Ruptures, Telling Histories: Northern Nigerian Muslim Intellectuals and Arab Universities, 1900-2012.

Wainscott, Ann Marie. How an Islamic Solution Became an Islamic Problem: Education, Authoritarianism and the Politics of Opposition in Morocco.

October 2012

Bush, Sarah. The Taming of Democracy Assistance: When and Why Democracy Promotion Doesn’t Confront Dictators.

Gao, Eleanor X. Diverse but not divisive: Tribal diversity and public goods provision in Jordan.

Krause, Peter. The Political Effectiveness of Non-State Violence: A Structural Theory of Social Movements and the Pursuit of Power.

Lepori, Dunya C. Governing Piety: Islam, Empire and Moderation in Late Modernity.

Parkinson, Sarah. Reinventing the Resistance: Order and Violence Among Palestinians in Lebanon.

Tabaar, Mohammad. The (De)Secularizing Impact of Politics on Iran’s Theocracy.

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