International Relations in the Middle East, Resisting Authoritarian States in the Middle East, and Protest Movements in Iraq (S. 10, Ep. 17)

Ewan Stein of the University of Edinburgh talks about his latest book, International Relations in the Middle East: Hegemonic Strategies and Regional Order, with Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast. The book demonstrates how the sources of regional antagonisms and solidarities are to be found not in the geopolitical chessboard, but in the hegemonic strategies of the region’s pivotal powers.  (Starts at 35:11). Steven Schaaf of George Washington University speaks about his new article entitled, “Contentious Politics in the Courthouse: Law as a Tool for Resisting Authoritarian States in the Middle East,” published by Law and Society Review. (Starts at 0:53). Zahra Ali of Rutgers University discusses her new article, “From Recognition to Redistribution? Protest Movements in Iraq in the Age of ‘New Civil Society,” published in Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. (Starts at 19:23).



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