Imperial Mecca, Protests in Iran, & Local Politics (S. 12, Ep. 3)

Michael Christopher Low of the University of Utah joins Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast to discuss his new book, Imperial Mecca: Ottoman Arabia and the Indian Ocean Hajj. The book analyzes the late Ottoman hajj and Hijaz region as transimperial spaces, reshaped by the competing forces of Istanbul’s project of frontier modernization and the extraterritorial reach of British India’s steamship empire in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. (Starts at 1:07). You can read Marc Lynch’s review of the book on his blog. Mohammad Ali Kadivar of Boston College discusses the current waves of protests in Iran. (Starts at 32:23). Sarah El-Kazaz of the SOAS University of London and Lana Salman of Harvard University discuss their chapter in The Political Science of the Middle East: Theory and Research Since the Arab Uprisings, which focuses on a relational approach to local politics and the lack of subnational literature that engages with the MENA region (co-authored with Mona Harb and Janine Clark). (Starts at 47:13).



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