Global Public Policy Institute – Call for Expert Coders for Academic Freedom Index

The Global Public Policy Institute is looking for experts on civil rights and higher education in a number of country contexts (see list below) who could support the Institute in a coding effort for the new Academic Freedom Index (AFi), which was first released in March this year.
The index and its constitutive indicators were jointly developed by colleagues at the Global Public Policy Institute, the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and the V-Dem Institute, and 1,810 country experts around the world have already contributed to it. The data collection effort now goes into a second round, for which we are looking to recruit additional experts. In the current edition of the AFi, we unfortunately still have some countries missing because we didn’t reach the minimum coder threshold; for others we would like to further improve the data basis.
The call for experts summarizes the task. This is a general call for the entire V-Dem dataset, but interested country experts can apply to contribute to the Academic Freedom Index by indicating their expertise in this area (academic space). Note that the V-Dem expert questionnaire for the AFi also includes questions on civic space, so experts should ideally not only have expertise on higher education but also be able to speak to broader civil society issues (see questionnaire in Codebook p. 211ff. for more details). V-Dem pays a small compensation to contributing coders.
The Global Public Policy Institute strongly believes in the value of this open access global time series dataset on academic freedom, and hope that others are willing to help improve and expand it.