Digital Authoritarianism in the Middle East & Authoritarian Adaptation (S. 12, Ep. 6)

Marc Owen Jones of Hamad bin Khalifa University joins Marc Lynch on this week’s podcast to discuss his new book, Digital Authoritarianism in the Middle East: Deception, Disinformation and Social Media. The book analyzes how social media has been weaponised by states and commercial entities in the Middle East. (Starts at 0:45). Andre Bank of the German Institute for Global and Area Studies and Sean Yom of Temple University discuss their chapter in The Political Science of the Middle East: Theory and Research Since the Arab Uprisings, which focuses on how authoritarianism has remained the predominant form of government in the MENA (co-authored with Eva Bellin, Michael Herb, Lisa Wedeen, and Saloua Zerhouni). (Starts at 35:27).





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