China’s Relations with the Gulf Monarchies: A Conversation with Jonathan Fulton (S. 8, Ep. 5)

On this week’s podcast, Jonathan Fulton talks about his book China’s Relations with the Gulf Monarchies with Marc Lynch.

“It’s interesting because a lot of the narrative about China-Gulf relations seemed to be stuck in this oil-for-trade narrative— that China is buying a lot of oil and selling a lot of stuff— and that’s kind of the extent of the relationship,” said Fulton.

“And from what I’ve seen here in Abu Dhabi, there’s just so much more going on. And it really felt like like there had to be something that looked at it from an IR perspective and gave a fuller picture of the relationships.”

Fulton explains what and how China’s policy towards Gulf monarchies changed in regards to foreign and domestic policies, in the past and now.

Fulton is an assistant professor of political science in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Zayed University, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where he researches China – Middle East relations, Chinese foreign policy, the global strategic implications of the Belt and Road Initiative, and international relations of the Gulf region.

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