Carnegie Corporation Invites You to Participate in a Virtual Classroom Collaboration Opportunity

Our work at Carnegie Corporation of New York relies on you – the faculty and graduate students spearheading research and educating the world. Now, as the COVID-19 virus disrupts academies across the globe, we must keep this community strong even amidst dramatic changes in pedagogy.

To do so, we invite you to participate in a Virtual Classroom Collaboration Network. Building on a new comfort level many of us have with online video conference platforms, this voluntary initiative offers professors, adjuncts, and graduate students who have participated in a Corporation-supported program an easy and accessible platform to invite guest lectures, outside voices, and new expertise into their syllabi and classrooms.

Click here to join and complete this 4-minute questionnaire by July 3

With your participation, the Corporation will be able to build an online space where our community can submit and search for expert lectures, organized by region, theme, and course—and make new connections and find expertise that was otherwise inaccessible in-person. It will be your prerogative to vet and invite scholars into your classroom, but we will stand by happy to make introductions.

Today’s online learning environment presents a unique opportunity to tap into an incredible wealth of expertise. We hope you will join us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Aaron Stanley (

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